1. The company Ratujlaptopa.pl does not issue duplicate reverses and is not responsible for any consequences of losing the reverse. The reverse is the only document authorizing you to collect the equipment.
  2. The Ratujlaptopa.pl company is not responsible for the loss of data or software during service activities.
  3. The Ratujlaptopa.pl company is not obliged to create a backup copy or to restore the original contents of the disk after repair, unless the equipment acceptance protocol states otherwise.
  4. The equipment will only be diagnosed for the fault specified by the Customer.
  5. The estimate for repairs of equipment delivered to the service center is free of charge. The cost of detailed laptop diagnostics is PLN 250 gross and is payable only if the repair is canceled. In the event of resignation from a repair to which the Customer has agreed for reasons known only to himself (applies to equipment undergoing repair, after prior acceptance of the repair conditions), the Customer is charged the cost of PLN 350
  6. In the case of paid repairs, the replaced parts will be returned to the Customer only upon his written request submitted when accepting the equipment for repair. In the absence of such a request, the replaced parts will be sent by Ratujlaptopa.pl for recycling/disposal.
  7. Defects in the entrusted equipment are removed within 1 to 14 business days. The equipment repair time may be extended if it is necessary to import the necessary spare parts. The time may also be extended as a result of the service detecting hidden information about flooding, interference by third parties or other reasons complicating the repair of the equipment.
  8. EXPRESS service: service performed out of order, does not guarantee completion of the repair on the same business day (includes diagnostics and repair). Express service is an additional cost of PLN 350.
  9. The condition for considering a complaint is that the warranty seals must be intact. The customer delivers the equipment in person or covers the cost of transporting the equipment to the service center. The warranty repair time is 14 business days from the time of delivery to the service center. This time may change due to variable availability of parts as an independent reason.
  10. The repair time does not include holidays, Saturdays and Sundays and the time of transporting the equipment back and forth. The starting date of equipment repair is the date of approval of the repair time and costs by the Customer.
  11. The Ratujlaptopa.pl company reserves the right to refrain from carrying out repairs in the absence of spare parts
  12. The website is not responsible for the legality of the software on the customer's computer.
  13. The service is not responsible for accessories left in the computer and not reported at the time of returning the equipment for repair
  14. During the repair of motherboards in laptops, their condition may deteriorate in approximately 2% of cases and Ratujlaptopa.pl is not responsible for this. This is the result of the technological repair process.
  15. The service reserves the right to return unrepaired equipment with symptoms different from those reported in the order. This is due to the technology of producing components (SMD, BGA), where regeneration of these systems apart from replacement may not bring the desired results. In such a case, the only option is to replace the component, if it is available.
  16. If the equipment is not collected within 30 days from the date of notification of the completion of the repair, the Customer will be charged with the costs of storing the device sent for repair. The amount will be charged in the amount of PLN 20 gross for each day of storage. If the storage amount exceeds the actual value of the equipment, it will be disposed of.
  17. The condition for collecting the equipment during the period of calculating the storage fee is to pay Ratujlaptopa.pl the fee in the amount charged.
  18. Costs of transporting equipment from and to the Ratujlaptopa.pl website:
    • PLN 0 - collection/return from Warsaw and Marek of equipment repaired in our service center (if the repair is canceled or the repair is impossible, the customer bears the cost of diagnostics in the amount of PLN 250).
    • PLN 20 - collection or return of the equipment to the customer outside Warsaw and Marki in the case of repair and payment by transfer (cash on delivery + PLN 10). In the event of resignation from repair or the inability to repair, the customer bears the cost of diagnostics in the amount of PLN 250 and the cost of transport .